[RECOMMENDED] Chicken Katsu (Breaded Chicken) / 鳥かつ - 4 Pieces

  • $5.90

店長さん's Note: Just for context, there are at least 20 different types and brands of Chicken Katsu and we've tried a lot of them. The perfect Chicken Katsu to us were these things: the batter has to be tasty and it cannot be too thick/floury, the chicken has to be tender and juicy but not overly fatty with obvious lumps of fat, and the trickiest of all -- it cannot taste too South East Asian (this is hard for us to describe). 

We found this to be perfect as it was created for the restaurants in Japan. We tried it twice just to be sure we weren't just hungry and we're happy to share that this is really great.  

  • Made for restaurant supply
  • 4 pieces per pack, 70G per piece (one piece will fit into a Donburi nicely)
  • Allergens: wheat, soybean.
  • How to: pan fry, deep fry, air fry, grill. No need to thaw. 
  • Pair it with Tonkatsu sauce and/or Mayonnaise
  • Keep frozen
  • Made in Thailand