Cast Iron Traditional Cast Iron Takoyaki Pan with handle with FREE SILICONE BRUSH & TAKOYAKI PICK / たこやき鍋

  • $22.00

Comes with FREE Silicone Oil Brush and Takoyaki Metal Picks!

From the same maker of our bestselling Tamagoyaki Pan and our new Okofuku Nabe Pot, we bring you a handy Takoyaki pan made with the same cast iron material that Takoyaki stores use in Japan.

Made with Cast Iron, some natives have said that their pans have outlived their generation! It is also the preferred type of pot as they are a lot healthier than other pots that contain coatings. That's the beauty of cast iron pots and pans!

These come with a wooden handle for easier handling. 

  • Imported from Japan
  • Handmade, so there may be some imperfections. Wabi Sabi! 
  • Pan 17CM, Handle 15.5CM, Weight 1.5KG
  • Suitable for use on electric/induction stoves
  • Made with Cast Iron, made to last and are much healthier than all the pans out there as there is no artificial coating. 
  • Use only wooden cooking utensils with the pan. To ensure the longevity of the pan, do not use metal utensils or wash with metal brushes.
  • Ingredients you need for TakoyakiTakoyaki FlourCut TakoTenkasuAo NoriTakoyaki SauceHana KatsuobushiMayonnaise
  • Cast iron pans may last for a very long time, but it is not without effort. Please read up more on how to season cast iron pans here.
  • *Rust on them are common occurrences in humid countries like Singapore. It is not a defect and it isn’t unsafe. Please read up on how to remove the rust and maintain your pot here.
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