Blue Caviar - Wild Scampi Roe

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Also known as 'Sapphires of the Ocean', the Blue Caviar is the roe of Wild Scampi harvested in the waters of Australia. The naturally blue roe season is only between November to March, during which the scampi are hand-harvested, their roe hand-sorted and collected with no additives other than salt

How does it compare to regular Caviar? Scampi roe has a lower fat content, which means that it isn't naturally creamy in texture, but its firm texture can create a satisfying pop in the mouth. In terms of taste, Chefs love how this caviar highlights the Umami and brininess of anything it is added to. 

店長さん's note: A real Zairyo Exclusive. We're lucky to be able to have this on the site and we're possibly the only ones in Singapore with this right now - why? Because it's produced in extremely limited quantities during the season (it's from wild-caught Scampi, not farmed like most of the Sturgeons caviar is from) if they could even be produced at all based on the catch of the Scampi. It's super rare and we hope to get constant stock of these before the season ends *fingers crossed!!!* It doesn't contain any chemicals or antibiotics, just salt to preserve the freshness of the caviar.

  • 25G per tin
  • Please keep chilled only, do NOT freeze. Once opened, please consume within 24 to 48 hours. 
  • Product of Australia; sustainably produced.
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