Uni Rice Don with Ikura and Negitoro September 05 2017

If you've got a box of Uni, you'd most likely have tried to mush the Uni up to replicate the Uni Rice Dons (usually served with Ikura & Negitoro) that sushi restaurants serve towards the end of the sushi flight. 

We've tried but could never get it as slimey/watery as they do... until now. 

There are different recipes that different chefs use for this particular dish, so our method may not be the same as theirs.

But we find this particular recipe producing the best result and it truly is the easiest recipe on this site. In fact, it is so easy that we're a little ashamed to call it a "recipe". ^^

Here's what you'll need:

Serves 2 - 4 pax (2 pax if this is the only dish you're having, 4 pax if you're having other sides)

1 x Daisen Mutenka Uni
1 x 250G Ikura
1 x Negitoro
Some chopped up spring onions to mix with the Negitoro (optional)
Nama Shoyu or Sushi Shoyu
1 cup of uncooked rice (we used Akitakomachi Rice or you could use 2 x cooked rice)
Sushi Su

Step 1: Make Sushi Rice
Cook rice. Add Sushi Su. Follow steps here.

Optional Step: Mix chopped spring onions to Negitoro & set aside

Step 2: Add Daisen Mutenka Uni
When rice is a little cool/room temperature, add Uni. Add and mix as you go so that you can adjust and get the right texture you want. Do not dump the whole bottle in at once. 

Step 3: Add approximately 2 teaspoons of Shoyu to Uni Rice Mix

Step 4: Add Ikura

You can either add Ikura and mix it with the Uni rice, or simply as a topping. 

Step 5: Add Negitoro on top

Eat: Mix it all and eat up! 

Try it and tag us on our Facebook or Instagram (@ZairyoSG) if you've tried it!