The Difference Between Bafun Uni and Murasaki Uni...and other Uni FAQ August 08 2017

Here's the top burning question that everyone has: What is the difference between the two?

We can't exactly tell you which is better but as of now, the Murasaki Uni is currently in season (August 2017), so we would obviously recommend the Murasaki Uni.

But if you really need answers, here you go:

1. Colour

This is the obvious. Bafun falls under the Aka Uni umbrella (red Uni) and Murasaki Uni is Shiro Uni (White Uni). The Bafun would look more enticing than the Murasaki in terms of colour since it is bright red. But why would you eat something based on colour?

2. Season 

As what we tell all our customers - we strongly recommend anything that is currently in season. And for now, it is the Murasaki Uni.

Bafun is currently spawning (birthing babies) so it would be passing on all the goodness and umami to its babies, which would result in bitter roe in the adult Uni.  The bafun would still be good though (since we select from the A Grade Uni), but just not as comparable to the Murasaki cousin. **Please note that this is only for now. Bafun would be back in its glorious season come October. 

3. What's with the difference between all the price ranges?

In Uni world, peasants eat fishes and prawns while the Kings eat top grade Kombu. The expensive Uni take Kombu (you can imagine how Umami the roe are), while the less expensive ones take fishes and prawns (still Umami, but how could you beat Kombu?). Different Uni companies have different ways of rearing and grading their Uni. This makes the price difference. 

We have 3 Murasaki Uni that we've selected from the Uni auction, one of it comes highly recommended by a friend who's worked at the Uni auction for over 10 years. Shop all Uni here.

As the only grocer with direct access to the Uni auction at Tsukiji Market, we have now revised the prices for our famed Uni and have added more to the selection. Read more about the behind-the-scenes of the Uni auction here.

4. How long can I keep Uni for and can I freeze it?

Treated Uni (generally all Uni) can be kept for up to 5 days in the fridge, especially with quality as good as ours. However we recommend finishing it within 1-2 days upon receipt. 

Mutenka Uni (untreated Uni) can be kept no longer than 3 days. Ensui Uni can only be kept for a max of 2 days upon receipt. 

Please also note that we don't recommend freezing the Uni, especially Ensui Uni. Imagine Uni in a block of ice! 

5. What's the white gooey stuff that I see on Uni? 

You'll only find those on Uni that's in season! Don't worry, they're safe for raw consumption ~ 

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