Tsukiji Chronicles Part II 築地物語: Uni Auction & Top Grade Uni August 04 2017

Following our last post on the Uni Auction, we've got plenty of queries on the Higashizawa Uni and Hadate Uni - why are they so expensive? How are they different from the rest? Are they worth it?

We'll answer those questions and leave you to decide. 

Uni Auction
Every morning at 4AM, our 店長さん (Store owner, tenchou) wakes up to liaise with her friends at the Uni Auction with live updates done on our Instagram Stories as they come in.

The Uni vendors at Tsukiji Market are personal friends of ours - hence we always get first dibs on the best -- and that's where we pick the best out of every price range.

There are definitely cheaper Uni (such as the ones below $100 for a 100G box, or below $150 for a 250G box) in the market, but those don't even make it to the auction as they are below the A grade.

We'd go through the range of Uni of different price ranges and prefectures then pick the best of the day for the price ranges that suit our customers best. (Watch our IG videos and compare them yourself!)

We believe that any Zairyo Uni has to be of top quality, regardless of the price. 

And we thank our customers for giving us the chance to bring in these Uni.

Top of The Top Premium Uni - Hadate / Higashizawa / Tachibana

Higashizawa and Hadate are both top Uni producers in Japan - not for the volume of Uni, but for the quality that most respected sushi chefs trust. 

They're favoured by sushi chefs for the texture, creaminess and Umami-ness, as well as the 'clean' after taste.

Our customers have sent their feedback too to inform us that it would be hard to settle for anything less. :p Could you blame them?

The Higashizawa Murasaki Uni is literally the most sought-after in Tsukiji Market afterall! Every box is graded and labeled at the Uni auction, with grading No. 1 being the highest grade, which meant the best quality of the day they have at Tsukiji market. 

Higashizawa Uni at the Uni Auction

It's obvious that everyone would try to land their hands on the No. 1 ~ No. 3 Uni of the day, so prices surge mostly due to the demand and bidding. The highest price ever for a box was ¥140,000!

This is why we are always proud to show the boxes to our customers and chefs! It is an exciting experience landing one of these precious boxes.

Every box that you purchase from us, our personal sales concierge will send you live updates as and when the auction begins and concludes. You'll get a picture of the winning box even before you receive it!

The next time you head to a sushi restaurant, pay attention to the boxes! The higher the 'legs' of the boxes, the higher the grade. ;) 

Prices change every week based on market prices. Email our dedicated sales concierge  to land a box.