Hijiki Shira-ae ひじき白あえ (Crumbled Tofu with Hijiki & Sesame) Recipe September 25 2018

Hijiki Shira-ae is one of the staples that we'd make and keep in the fridge before a work week as it's not only easy, tasty, and inexpensive; it is healthy, too!



Shira-ae is a traditional Japanese tofu-based salad dish done by mixing Hijiki, Tofu and Sesame seeds. It is one of our favourite Japanese side dishes to eat and to make at home. 

So imagine our delight when we chanced upon this convenient pack of Hijiki Shira-ae seasoning pack from Japan!

It is a no-brainer method to make Shira-ae for newbies and for people who just want to make it without the hassle of measuring and tasting. 

All you'll need is just two ingredients:

Tofu (we recommend the Organic Tofu for its creaminess) & Hijiki Shira-ae No Moto

*Note: You'll need 2 x Organic Tofu for 1 x Hijiki Shira-ae No Moto.
If you are using just 1 x Organic Tofu, use only half a packet of Hijiki Shira-ae No Moto. 

Watch how to make it here or scroll below for steps:


1. Empty Tofu into a container (that preferably comes with a lid)
2. Pour Hijiki Shira-ae No Moto onto Tofu* 
3. Mash tofu while still retaining some chunks of tofu, and mix well
4. Cover container and keep in the fridge. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before serving!
5. Serve chilled. 


Note: We fly the Organic Tofu only when you order it so you get the freshest! Please place your order in advance or refer to our air-flown schedule