Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil, Hokkaido Scallops, Kombu & Uni June 12 2017


We've tried many recipes for this and we think this is the tastiest and closest to a restaurant's version. It's really easy and very suitable for parties since you can make this ahead of time so you can get busy with other things!

How your cold truffle pasta will turn out will definitely differ from ours as the taste would pretty much rely on the truffle oil you purchase, but here is a fool-proof way of making it tasty, regardless of the truffle oil you buy. 

Here are the essentials in this dish, in accordance to importance: chive oil, truffle oil, kombu, sashimi-grade ingredients (from Zairyo, of course).

Recipe is for 4 pax (no extras for seconds)

Ingredients from Zairyo:
1. Hokkaido Scallops (Sashimi Grade) 250G, diced into 4 per scallop (you will use up the entire pack)
2. 2 tsp Shio Kombu, minced or  2 pieces of Cut Kombu (soaked till soft) and diced
3. Dried Shrimps
4. Uni (Sea Urchin) to top, we suggest 100G for 4 pax as a topping. If you wish to be generous, 100G won't be enough for 4 pax. (We used the Murasaki Uni, 250G, as it is in season at the date of posting)
5. Truffle Oil

6. Somen (in place of Angel Hair pasta - we find that the somen soaks up the flavours better!)

Other ingredients:
Angel Hair pasta for 4 pax or Somen
Caviar (optional)

How To Make Chive Oil:
** You can make extras of this oil and keep it in a oil-safe container for either soups or noodles. Or anything, really. It's delicious!
Cut chives into thirds and saute with dried shrimps (we don't recommend washing the dried shrimps, but if you do, dry them well before sauteing it.) in olive oil on medium heat for about 5 minutes, then another 5 minutes on low heat. You don't want the chives to burn. 

Once done, remove chives and shrimps and empty oil into an oil-safe container (we recommend a glass container).

If you use about 4 sprigs of chives, you use approximately 1 tbsp of dried shrimps with 1/3 cup of olive oil. Use less if you don't wish to keep any. But why wouldn't you?

The Pasta:
As mentioned, you can make this hours in advance before your party. As long as you don't toss in the other raw ingredients, like scallops, Uni or caviar -- this is to prevent any form of contamination. Safety first! 

1. Cook pasta as you would usually do until al dente. If you don't know how to cook pasta, please Google or YouTube it. Angel Hair pasta cooks quicker than most pastas, so don't look away! ** you can wash and let the scallops thaw on the counter as you start cooking the pasta.

2. Once done with the pasta, shock the pasta in cold water. 

3. Drain pasta and empty it into a large mixing bowl that's easy for you to mix in.

4. Add truffle oil to pasta. We would suggest for you to mix it tablespoon by tablespoon. You wouldn't want your mouth to just be covered in oil after eating. Be generous, but with some restraint.

5. Add chives oil to pasta,  this gives it flavour and depth.

6. Add kombu to the pasta for the umami.

7. Add salt to taste. If you've used the Shio Kombu, be liberal with the salt as the Kombu already comes salted. If you've used the Cut Kombu, salt with your feel. Or taste as you go along. 

8. Add chopped chives and caviar, if any, at the end and toss.

9. Seal bowl with cling wrap and keep refrigerated for at least 30 minutes to marinate.

Time to Serve!

1. Once scallops are fully thawed, remove muscle and dice into fours per scallop. Set aside.

2. Plate pasta into bowls.

3. In the same mixing bowl (that is already emptied), or in a new bowl, add the scallops and a wee bit of truffle oil + chive oil, pinch of salt, then mix.

4. Top on pasta. Then top on the Uni if you have it.  


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*** We can deliver the Hotate, Shio Kombu and Kombu within 24 hours upon order.
*** We don't keep stock of Uni, unlike supermarkets and other e-Grocers, we fly them in from Tsukiji Market upon order only. Please place them at least 3 days in advance, or refer to our air-flown schedule.