Alaskan King Crab Legs with Uni, Ikura & Brown Butter Recipe by @Lennardy December 16 2014

Konnichiwa minna~ (Hello everyone)

久しぶりだ!(Long time no see!) We've been extremely busy with the festive orders and the new arrival of matcha jams (these babies are a total hit as we thought it would be!) but there's always time to share a recipe that we absolutely love.

Everybody needs a go-to recipe, a fool-proof one that will knock everyone out without having to kill yourself in the kitchen. The whole point of a go-to recipe is for it to be easy, taste awesome and look pretty enough to be served to whoever (friends, distinguished guests or your future mother-in-law). We think this is ours.

As mentioned before, we're honoured to have gotten the most talented (and, ahem, handsome) home chef, @Lennardy, to share his recipes with us!

Apart from the occasional fan-girling when he posts selfies (hello biceps...), we are in major crush with his dishes. Looking at his Instagram gives us the impulse of whipping up a storm in the kitchen and you'll see why in a bit.

This is Lennard. You may stalk him at @Lennardy on Instagram. You're welcome.

According to Lennard, this is extremely easy and what he would consider an "Umami Bomb". 

Here are the ingredients:
Chives/chervil/spring onion 
Sherry vinegar/champagne vinegar
1. Remove the crab meat from the shell. Snip away the shell by cutting the crab legs lengthwise. there should be ample space between the crab meat and the shell to slide a scissors through. Take care not to damage the crab meat with the scissors
2. Slice the crab meat into bite sized pieces
3. Make browned butter by adding cubed butter to a pan, allow it to melt and swirl it occasionally so that it cooks evenly. It will begin to foam and sizzle, once the milk solids begin to brown, the liquid should start to take on a beautiful shade of brown, similar to honey or tea. Another sign that the butter is ready is when it starts to smell very nutty. Immediately strain it to remove the milk solids. 
4. Return the browned butter to a pan and add in the crab legs. Warm over low heat. Do not cook the crab legs as they have already been boiled. This step is to coat the crab in the butter and to warm it
5. Plate by placing the crab legs in a line on the plate. 
6. Add uni and ikura around the crab legs
7. Pour the leftover browned butter over
8. Finish with a drizzle of vinegar
9. Top with chives and enjoy 
Lennard's notes: the Brown butter is really the perfect accompaniment to the crab because the nutty flavor helps to accentuate the natural sweetness of the crab. The addition of the uni provides an added dimension of creaminess to the dish, almost as if it served as a sauce to the dish. Also take note that we do not use any salt in the dish because the ikura provides that burst of salinity that compliments the seafood theme. The vinegar balances out the sweetness and richness of the other components.

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