February 2017's Air-flown Schedule January 26 2017

We are pleased to share February 2017's air-flown schedule for air-flown items. 

Guide: If you need it on 2 Feb 2017, place your order no later than the stated deadline (i.e. 28 Jan, 23:59) and we can arrange for delivery on either 2 Feb or 3 Feb. We can deliver on the same day that the items arrive from Japan. 

Please note that we do not keep stock of air-flown items. We only fly the items in when you order them. 

If you've missed the deadline and need seafood that is ready for delivery within 24 hours, check here.

If you have any queries, you may wish to speak with our live chat support or email enquiries@zairyo.sg.

Deadline: 28 Jan, 23:59

 ・2月3日  (Friday)

Deadline: 1 Feb, 4PM

・2月7日  (Tuesday) 

Deadline: 4 Feb, 23:59


Deadline: 8 Feb, 4PM


Deadline: 10 Feb, 4PM


Deadline: 15 Feb, 4PM

・2月21日 (Tuesday)

Deadline: 18 Feb, 23:59


Deadline: 22 Feb, 4PM


Deadline: 25 Feb, 23:59