Black Summer Truffle Slices in Oil 50G

  • $35.00

Pure Summer black truffle slices in extra virgin olive oil. You can use the oil within as a dressing too~

Why we love this: It is a fuss-free way of adding truffle slices to dishes! Though they may not be as thin as freshly shaved ones, but these keep way longer and are way easier to handle than fresh truffles.

Find out how we use these Truffle Slices in our Recipes!

  • 50G per bottle
  • No chemicals and preservatives
  • Product of Italy 
  • Halal-certified by HIA (Halal Italy)
  • Please keep chilled after opening. The Truffle Slices are soaked in oil so, naturally, the oil would harden when it is chilled. To pick out the slices, leave the jar on your counter top for while until the the oil is soft enough to pick the truffles through.