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Shopping At Zairyo

About Zairyo

Who / What is Zairyo?

How Can I Contact You?

How do I know it’s safe to shop with you?

About Our Produce

How are we guaranteed that your produce is fresh?

Where are your products from?

What is flash freezing?

Shopping At Zairyo

How Do We Buy From You?

Do I need to register to order?

What if the product I want is not available?

About My Order

Can I change my order?

Can I Add On To My Order?

How Do I Add On To My Order?

What is the status of my order?

Can I specify the weight for the seafood?

Will I be charged for the surplus of seafood that I received?


Delivery + Self-Collection

Do You Deliver?

Is Delivery Free?

What Days Do You Deliver?

Can I select a specific time to receive my delivery?

Can I change my delivery address / date / time slot?

I won't be home during my delivery window; can you deliver my order earlier/later?

What happens if I’m not at home?

Can I pick up my order from your facility?

How will my order be packed and handled?

How long will my order stay fresh in the delivery boxes?

Problem With My Delivery

How can I share feedback about the delivery experience or personnel?

What if the product that I have ordered is missed out or not delivered to me?

I have a delivery today but have not received it, what should I do?

There's a problem with the items I've received


Where is your warehouse & what are your opening hours?

Can I purchase something when I'm there to collect my order?

What if I miss my self-collection pick-up day?


Payment Method

How Can I Make Payment?

I don't have a credit card, can I still order?

Do You Accept Cash On Delivery?

Is Zairyo Secure?

Can I Go To Your Warehouse To Make a Purchase?

Discount Code

How do I enter a discount code?

I forgot to add my discount code! Can you refund me?

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