[MARKET SPECIAL] Matsuura Murasaki Special Grade Uni

  • $258.00

A special edition Uni by Matsuura Uni company (the same company behind Marumatsu Uni Company) to celebrate Spring. This Special grade Murasaki Uni is packed in a beautiful waterproof foam cover Floral print on wooden box.

For delivery on 10 JUNE to 14 JUNE ONLY .

  • Sashimi-grade, air-flown from Japan to Singapore 
  • Murasaki Uni, which is now in season!
  • Air-flown directly from Toyosu Market
  • Other than being packed in a beautiful box, the Uni packed are considered ‘Special Grade’ also known as SP at the Uni Auction. 
  • Note: Designs on the boxes are random. 
  • Note: Image is for illustration purposes only. The size of the lobes are dependent on the catch of the week and cannot be uniform. It varies and may sometimes come bigger (which means lesser pieces in a box), or smaller in size (which means more pieces in a box).
  • Airflown only
  • 250G per box 
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